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One Rainy Afternoon...

Fashionistas Through & Through

Our story starts one rainy afternoon with a meeting over lunch at a fashionable London hotel between two men, each of whom had over thirty years of experience in shoe manufacture and design. They both had a yearning to produce and give the world smart casual footwear that not only look good but perform with the comfort, stability and flexibility of sports shoes, rarely found in street shoes.

Blue and navy moccasin

Over 30 years in the industry

One of these men, Mr. Ray Rose, has carried on the vision and desire they both had to produce fine quality stylish, yet superbly comfortable, moccasins and casual footwear. Ray, who is CEO of the Run a Mocc company, has a passion for designing, developing and producing high quality footwear with a pedigree that dates back to the 1970’s. In the early 1980’s, he gained recognition from The Design Council in London for a soft toe suede soled ballet shoes, he designed the first jazz boot and he was the first shoe designer to make shoes and boots cut and matched by hand from old denim jeans.

Heard of Hendrix?

Over the years, Ray has designed and manufactured avant-garde high class fashion shoes, boots for the US army, shoes used in major Hollywood films, one-off sample shoe designs for high profile catwalk models as well as some of the finest dance shoes. He spent two years designing and developing shoes in conjunction with a qualified physiotherapist for some of the most famous dancers in the world, as well as making shoes for many other famous people over the years such as Beyonce, Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Zeta Jones, Elton John, David Bowie and an iconic pair of platform boots worn on stage by Jimi Hendrix.

Dress with finesse

Ray designs and develops all the Run a Mocc collection, ensuring that they all exude chic style inextricably linked with superb comfort, cushioning and shock absorption as well as being lightweight, well balanced and ultra-flexible on the foot.